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Dead Good Beer Events Ltd, was created in 2007 by Nelsonl beer enthusiasts Mic Dover and Eelco Boswijk to run regular beer tasting events and beer festivals in the Nelson region. Mic and Eelco are also co-owners of Nelson’s only free house pub, The Free House, untied to any brewery.

We used to sell a Dead Good Beer range of beers in bottles and riggers but we now only sell them on tap at The Free House. Now and again! However , we will be pouring a Dead Good Marchfest beer this year, a lager called Wacky Toons made from the Wakatu hop.


Dead Good Beer bottles used to look like this!

Dead Good Beer in riggers used to look like the above!

Check out The Free House in Nelson for a wide range of craft brews seven days a week. And stay in touch with what's happening by signing up here for news updates on all Free House and MarchFest stuff...


Email is here

Our address is:
Dead Good Beer Events Ltd
P O Box 1975, Nelson, SI 7040

Our tel nos are:
03 548 3887 - 021 178 5675 - 027 416 3452

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